We’re All Going To Die by Stefan Hunt (Signed Copy)


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Published in 2017

Written and Illustrated by Stefan Hunt and Designed by Matthew Pike. Signed “Fear Less! Live More! by Stefan Hunt”

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Hardcover. Condition: new. Hardcover. Stefan Hunt’s ultimately uplifting prose poem, We’re All Going to Die, seeks to empower individuals to fear less and live more. Structured as a conversation between fear and death, the work emerged during a turning point in Stefan’s journey with anxiety. While everyone around him seemed to be kicking life goals, Stefan had been engulfed by fear of the unknown. He became so afraid of making the wrong decision and failing life that he found himself almost immobilised. While writing this poem about the one certainty he could find that we’re all going to die Stefan experienced a profound shift in perspective. Suddenly the small stuff seemed, well,  small. If life’s only guarantee is death, then why not take a few risks? Now on a mission to spread this message, Stefan hopes to start a global movement, one life-changing realisation at a time.

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