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Venus Oceanica by B. Schidloff and H. Basedow


Venus Oceanica: The Sexual Life Of South Sea Natives is a non-fiction book written by B. Schidloff that explores the sexual customs and practices of the indigenous people of the South Pacific Islands. The book is based on Schidloff’s personal observations and experiences during his travels to various islands in the region. The book covers a range of topics, including courtship rituals, marriage customs, sexual taboos, and the role of sexuality in traditional South Pacific cultures. Schidloff also discusses the impact of Western colonialism on these cultures and how it has affected their sexual practices.Throughout the book, Schidloff provides detailed descriptions of the sexual practices of South Sea natives, including their attitudes towards nudity, homosexuality, and promiscuity. He also examines the ways in which these practices have been perceived and interpreted by Western observers, highlighting the cultural biases and misunderstandings that often arise.Overall, Venus Oceanica offers a fascinating and insightful look into the sexual lives of South Sea natives and sheds light on the complex interplay between culture, tradition, and sexuality in different parts of the world.

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A paperback edition with illustrated front cover. Illustrated throughout in black and white.

WARNING, may contain material that could be offensive to some readers.

Publisher: Literary Licensing, U.S.A.

Publication Date: 2011.

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