To Mr. and Mrs. Newlywed From the Leading Business Firms of Sydney


‘This Volume is presented to you on behalf of the Leading Business Firms of Sydney who wish you ‘Success and Prosperity’ in your voyage through matrimony’ and with numerous pages of recipes, household tips, ‘A Dissertation on Coffee’ beginning ‘There is scarcely anything more interesting to almost everybody than the subject of preparing coffee for the table, yet so few understand it.’, and much period advertising.

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A paperback edition with illustrated front and back cover. There is some foxing and toning throughout but the text, black-and-white sketches, diagrams and photographs are clear and legible. The inside back page of the book has been partially torn out. There is some damage to the front, left-hand side of the book close to the spine. The inside front page has a tear at the top right-hand side and also at the bottom edge. Scarce copy

Now in a protective plastic cover to prevent further damage.

Publisher: Direct Advertising Service N.S.W.

Publication Date: 1926.

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