Tilda is Visible by Jane Tara (Signed Copy)


Jane Tara has published over a hundred children’s books, several plays and five novels. She’s a daily meditator, a sucker for a rescue mutt and, most of all, a front-row cheerleader for her two sons. She spent thirteen years wandering the world and lived in five countries but is now happily at home in Sydney. Jane is the general manager at Australia’s largest book review community, Better Reading.

ISBN: 9781922930439

ISBN-10: 1922930431

Published: 27th February 2024

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Dimensions (cm): 24.5 x 16 x 2

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A novel about women, life and being seen

by Jane Tara

‘Pitch-perfect.’ Kathy Lette
‘Fresh, funny, smart and warm.’ Rachael Johns
‘Delightfully original.’ Joanna Nell
‘Oh, my heart! What a story! I feel so seen.’ Josephine Moon
‘Clever, layered, funny.’ Vanessa McCausland
‘Genuinely empowering.’ Julietta Henderson
‘I’ve never felt so seen!’ Lisa Ireland
‘Inspirational.’ Cathrine Mahoney
‘I laughed myself silly.’ Belinda Alexandra
‘Fabulously feminist.’ Tess Woods
‘Witty, wise and empowering.’ Tricia Stringer
‘Relatable and inspiring.’ Mary-Lou Stephens
When Tilda Finch is diagnosed with invisibility, she’s not overly surprised – she’s felt invisible for years. She has a good life and a successful business selling inspirational quotes on merchandise. But she’s never really recovered from her divorce. Or, if she’s honest, her childhood. Tilda’s past has taken a toll and she’s lost sight of herself. Now, with the possibility of completely disappearing, she must face the trauma of her past and rewrite the way she perceives the world, and herself.
Entertaining, hilarious and poignant, Tilda Is Visible addresses the power of our thoughts and how childhood trauma shapes our adult experience.
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