The Wardrobe Challenge Makeover by Dominique Lee Parisi


The Wardrobe Makeover Challenge was created by fashion veteran Dominique Lee Parisi, materialised as a book, digital space and community designed to help victims of fashion wanting to reclaim closet calm and celebrate their personal style. For those familiar with the niggling feeling of Wardrobe dissatisfaction brought on by endless spending that doesn’t realise the endorphins we love about retail therapy… this book is for you. With over 17 years in the industry dressing thousands of women and men, Dominique developed a secret system for curating a functional wardrobe and a formula for dressing that brings clarity. Enter The Wardrobe makeover Challenge. Dominique believes your success is directly connected to your wardrobe choices and has devoted her life to the art of adornment. Dominique invites you to join her in becoming a fashion insider. Read the book, download the app, and join the community. The Wardrobe Makeover Challenge is available in two options: limited edition encased in a red suede storage case or linen-wrapped hardback. The book contains 58 illustrations by acclaimed Sydney-based artist Xinxin Wen and 30 photographic images by Melbourne-based still life stylist Nat Turnbull. It’s the perfect combination of substance and style.

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A hardcover edition with an off-white cloth cover, black lettering and red velvet box. Multiple sketches, drawings and colour photographs throughout. The illustrations are by Xinxin Wen. Xinxin Wen is best known for her focus on surrealism and animism. She is world-renowned having held solo exhibitions both is Australia and Asia. Xin Xin is a Multi Award-winning artist. Xinxin Wen has created in collaboration with the Wardrobe Makeover Challenge’s Arthur Dominique Parisi 18 bespoke artworks and over forty miniature illustrations throughout the book.

Publisher: Adornment Studio Sydney, PTY LTD.

Publication Date: 2020.

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