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The Revenge Club by Kathy Lette (Signed Copy)


Best friends Matilda, Penny, Sofia and Jo are approaching their sixties with flair until, one by one, their bubbles are burst. Matilda, a bestselling novelist, is dropped by her publisher; Penny is cut from her prime-time TV show in favour of her male co-host; Sofia’s acting agent can only offer her menopause adverts and Jo… well Jo realised it’s still a man’s world a while ago.

Confronted by a society that believes they’re all past their amuse-by dates, the friends vow to face their non-entity crises together. Each has been trampled on by men, so — as the saying goes — if you can’t beat them, join them. Let the revenge games begin!

“Kathy Lette’s razzle-dazzle charm, humour and versatility sometimes obscure the seriously impressive achievement of this girl from the Shire: For fifty years now, she has articulated – with outrageous candour and an infallibly observant eye – the best and worst bits of being female. The Revenge Club is erotic fan fiction for the peri-menopausal. But amid all the hilarity and blood-Letteing (see what I did there?) there beats a solid reminder that female friendships are the love affairs that never dim.” — Annabel Crabb

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A paperback edition with an illustrated front cover and signed by the Author on the title page in blue ink. In her self-named genre “I-Don’t-Give-A-Shit-Lit” – a new book from Kathy Lette.

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing.

Publication Date: 2024.

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