The Early Art of Norfolk by Ann Eljenholm Nichols


This book contains a detailed list of early art in the county of Norfolk, turning to a geographically defined database of evidence to examine the development of regional styles and devotional preferences. The subject of much of the art revolves around devotional life and local saints, to the rather surprising neglect of scriptual themes. The art is divided into a series of thematic sections: representations of gods, angels and devils; the Old Testament; the Virgin Mary; early life of Christ; life of Christ; apostles; evangelists and Latin doctors; saints; pastoralia; morality; miscellaneous. The guide provides information on dates and location within each church where known.

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A hard cover edition with navy blue boards, gilt lettering and embossing. Now in a clear, removable cover to protect from damage.

Publisher: Medieval  Institute Publications, Western Michigan University, Michigan.

Publication Date: 2002.

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