The All of Of It: A Bogan Rhapsody by Cadance Bell ( Signed Copy)


Cadance ‘Cady’ Bell is an Australian storyteller whose writing has appeared in publications including the Guardian and the popular queer blogs Rainbow Roo and I Miss Pockets. She has written, produced and directed dozens of award-winning short films, music videos and TV commercials. Her documentary films include The Rainbow Passage for Network 10 and Screen Australia, and Who I Am, the world’s first documentary exploring the intersection of gender diversity and neurodivergence. She has performed at events such as Queerstories and the Antidote Festival at the Sydney Opera House.

In 2020 she shared a virtual stage with Dr Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates with the Poplabs Social Impact Incubator, with her mission to ‘unmake prejudice’ by encouraging audiences to know LGTBQIA+ stories. Cady is a co-founder of Rainbow Day, which celebrates its twentieth year in 2022, having raised almost $1 million for charitable causes. And she is the founder of Threeki, which seeks to promote mindful kindness. She is currently working on a science-fiction novel- Letters to Our Robot Son. Cadance lives in New South Wales with her fiancee Amanda. She likes Pokemon Go and short walks to the fridge. She is openly transgender and freaking loves burritos.

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A heart-warming, heart-breaking and heart-stopping coming-of-gender memoir

If you’re alive, you can do anything.
If you’re reading this, you’re not dead.

Seven years ago, Ben was loveless, overweight, in debt and living in his parents’ rumpus room, trying to find a way to quietly die. Days passed by in a haze of marijuana smoke and self-loathing.

Then, one day, Ben decided not to die. He decided to change everything – starting with the Ben bit. Becoming Cadance would be more than a gender transition. It would be a transition in every way. It would mean leaving behind a rural Mudgee childhood filled with Frogger, hot chips, Godliness and a forbidden love of Sarah Parker’s My Little Pony; and the violence, drugs and secrecy that plagued her twenties. Choosing to live was just the beginning; what mattered was how she existed. She was going to experience the all of it.

Written with dazzling creativity and exuberance, The All of It is a wild coming-of-gender memoir like no other. Tender, tragic, hilarious and life-affirming, it will leave you understanding a little more about trans people, rural Australia, family, millennials and the beautiful contradictions of our kaleidoscopic world.

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