Sex in Prison by Joseph F. Fishman


A rather fascinating early work on conditions for prisoners in US carcerial institutions, Fishman pioneered what was referred to as “Deprivation Theory”, citing lack of access to heterosexual relationships as a major cause of unrest and friction amongst inmates, he was an early suggester of conjugal visits, and a reduction in overcrowding: “Why is there such a wall of silence encircling the subject of Sex in Prison? We are living in a frank and realistic age, yet the subject of sex in prison – so provocative, so vital, so timely in view of the recent epidemic of prison riots – is shrouded in dread silence.” Fishman’s researches, despite encompassing a number of theories that we know today definitively contribute to unrest and violence amongst prison populations, weren’t favourably received until the 1960’s when a new generation of reformers took sections of his research and advanced them into a more modern understanding of what happens to incarcerated peoples, and why the concept of “punishment” is essentially useless without a conceptual pathway towards rehabilitation and a time “after punishment.”

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A hard cover copy with dark grey boards and silver lettering and uncut edging. There is foxing and toning throughout but the text and black and white photographs are clear and legible. There is some rubbing and wear to the edges and spine of the book.

WARNING, contains graphic material that could be offensive to some readers.

Publisher: National Library Press.

Publication Date: no date visible but circa 1934.


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