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Mickey and Goofy Down Under – An Adventure in Australia


– Disney’s Small World Library

After a visit to the local zoo and a chat with Mr Winsett the zookeeper, Mickey Mouse and Goofy discover that the koalas are short of food, the eucalyptus leaves that they eat. Mr Winsett tells them that supplies have not been coming through for no apparent reason.

Mickey says that he and Goofy will go to Australia to see what the problem is and find out from Outback Imports Ltd why they are not supplying the eucalyptus leaves.

Their investigations lead them around Australia and, after an adventurous time, they discover the problem and sort it out before returning home.

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A hardcover edition with illustrated boards. There is some toning and foxing but the text and illustrations are clear and legible. No tears. Good condition.

Published in 2002 by Grollier Enterprises Inc. Connecticut.

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