Karmic Astrology in Four Volumes by Martin Schulman


Volume 1: For years Astrology has suffered from a lack of understanding of the Moon’s Nodes and their importance in the chart. Now in his first book on Karmic Astrology, Martin Schulman has admirably filled that gap. With depth and precision, Mr Schulman has pierced through to the very core at the centre of karmic interpretation. The South Node is symbolic of man’s past. It represents the accumulated effects of attitudes, events, and habits.
In Volume 2 Mr Schulman presents one of the most radical and unorthodox interpretations of retrograde planets yet published. Disregarding the traditional “good” or “bad” explanations, he gives instead a system which explains the three vibrational moods in which these planets may be expressed. Each planet is discussed thoroughly in all signs and houses. There is also an examination of the esoteric and karmic symbolism begun in Volume 1 of the Series.
In volume 3 Joy and the part of fortune, he details and educates readers on a little-known aspect found on everyone’s natal charts, the part of fortune. it is a great resource for anyone interested in astrology at any level of study.
Volume 4: This final volume of the Karmic Astrology Series describes the merging of Astrology with reality as it truly is – based on the understanding that the past and future exist only as a person thinks while the present exists regardless of how a person thinks. Taking the planets through the signs, Mr Schulman shows how to use the planetary energies to avoid getting hung up in the past or having unrealistic expectations of the future.


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All four volumes are soft-cover editions and are covered in clear contact plastic. All four volumes have some very slight foxing and toning but the text is clear and legible. Volume 3 has a clear plastic non-removable cover. All in all, they are in very good condition.

Publisher: Samuel Weisner, Inc.

Publication Dates:

Volume 1. 1975. The Moon’s Nodes and Reincarnation

Volume 2. 1977. Retrogrades and Reincarnation

Volume 3. 1978. Joy and the Part of Fortune

Volume 4. 1979. The Karma of the Now

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