In the Shadow of Man by Jane Van Lawick-Goodall


This is Dr Goodall’s third book. c.1976 paperback edition of Goodall’s landmark study of chimpanzees in Tanzania between 1960 and 1970, the first work to observe and publish chimpanzee tool use. “It was discovered that the Gombe chimpanzees use objects stems, twigs, branches, leaves, and rocks in nine different ways to accomplish tasks associated with feeding, drinking, cleaning themselves, investigating out-of-reach objects, and as weapons flailing branches and throwing rocks as missiles” (Jane Goodall Institute). Until then, humans were defined as unique by their ability to make tools. Consequently, In the Shadow of Man is a seminal text in primate research.

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Previous owner’s signature on the half-title page, otherwise very good paperback copy. Scuffed edges to the front and back cover from wear. see photos.

With splendid b/w and colour photographs by Hugo van Lawick, Goodall’s husband. The author’s important study of the chimpanzees along the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

Now enclosed in plastic to protect the book from any damage.

First published by William Collins in 1971

First issued in Fontan Books in 1974

Second impression November 1976 ( this edition)

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