Hitler’s Wartime Picture Magazine Edited by S. L. Mayer


“SIGNAL was the most widely circulated magazine in Europe during the Second World War.” It was published in twenty languages and circulation reached some three million in 1943. This magazine that was in such demand was not printed in the US, Britain, or the Soviet Union but in Germany, of all places. Sales remained high even in France until the liberation of Paris. The articles in this book are from the English language editions for America and Ireland. Although Goebbel’s Ministry of Propaganda oversaw and edited it, the magazine photos and articles were submitted under the direction of the Wehrmacht, that is the German Army.

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A hardcover edition with unclipped dust jacket, red cloth cover and black lettering. There is some foxing to the edges and toning but the text and the black and white and colour photographs and drawings are clear and legible.

Published in 1978 by Bison Publishing Company, England.

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