Fiercely, Lord Crinkleton by Peggy Taub


Scheherazade Solomon had one big problem – her husband Heathcliffe wanted to kill her and sported an axe for the purpose. Scheherazade wished he would just fall in love with her again and call it a night. But, not taking any chances, she began to tell him an extremely sexy tale…How could Heathcliffe kill her while she was recounting the escapades of the great Lord Crinkleton, adviser to world leaders, potentate of the economy, painter, joy of countless damsels and ping-pong ace And how could he resist the angelic Titsiepoo – whose generous anatomical endowments above the waist were comparable only to Lord Crinkleton s below – who drove otherwise level-headed businessmen to queue for hours at her news stand, simply to glimpse those celestial globes. As the tale unfolds in nightly cliff-hanging instalments, Heathcliffe is ensnared in a web of intrigue, high romance and narrative wizardry that is quite irresistible… Her plonking style and her slangy diction keep this loony narrative perilously afloat on a tide of exotica and erotica.

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A hard cover edition with dark grey boards, gilt lettering and unclipped, illustrated dust cover. There is some foxing and toning throughout but the text and black and white drawings are clear and legible. There is some slight wear to the edges of the dust cover. Now in a clear, removable cover to protect fom damage.

WARNING, contains graphic material that could cause offense to some readers.

Publisher: Jonathan Cape, London.

Publication Date: 1986.

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