Auschwitz 1940-1945 – Guide Book through the Museum by Kazimierz Smolen


The Contents are: Entrance to the Former Camp; Hitler Takes Over in Germany; Fire in the Reichstag; Racial Discrimination of Jews; Remilitarization; World Opinion; First Operations; Outbreak of World War II; Resistance Movement; Concentration Camps; Auschwitz – Oswiecim; Hall of Nations; Extermination of Soviet P.O.W.s; Extermination of the Gipsies; Extermination; The Road of Death, Deceiving the Victims; Conditions of Transportation; Selection; Extermination Factory; Process of Extermination; Camouflaging of Crimes; Cyclon B; Exploiting the Corpses; Dividing the Loot; Material Proofs; Arrival at the Camp; Hair Cutting and Bathing; Registration and Tattooing; Marking the Prisoners; Clothes; The Amount of Prisoners with Camp Numbers; Quarantine; Administration of the Camp; Self Government of Prisoners; Roll Calls; Rapportfuhrer; Letter Writing; A Prisoner’s Life; Everyday Toil; The German Industry Used Prisoners as Workmen; IG Farbenindustrie; The SS and the Industrial Concerns Got Rich Thanks to the Work of the Prisoners; Starvation; The SS Stole the Food of the Prisoners; Living Quarters; Sanitary and Hygenic Conditions; Selections Among the Sick Prisoners; Experiments on Prisoners; The Block of Death; Flogging; Hanging from the Stake; Other Punishments Provided for the Prisoners; Executions; Resistance Movement; The Attempt to Liquidate the Camp; The Road to Birkenau; The Execution of Women Prisoners; The Mass Grave; The SS Settlement and the SS Mess. Part Two: Birkenau: The Railway Viaduct; The Main Gate; The Building of the First Sector; Konigsgraven – King’s Ditch; The Women’s Camp; Barrack 25; The Quarantine Camp; The Familie’s Camp; The Camp of the Jewish Women from Hungary; The Gipsy Camp; The Men’s Hospital; The Railway Ramp and the Crematoria, the Spot Where Selections Were Made; Mexico – Women’s Section; Obliterating the Traces of Crimes; Liberation; Punishing the Criminals; and We Remember. Book.

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Softcover. First Edition; No tears to cover. Shelf wears on front/rear panels. Rubbing along panel edges. ; Original binding.

Foxing to edges and inscription on title page.

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