Art on the Rocks of Southern Africa by D.N. Lee and H.C. Woodhouse


This book contains photographs taken over a period of more than 10 years by two Johannesburg businessmen, whose hobby is to search out and record the pictures on the rocks of Southern Africa. They selected from more than 20,000 slides and wrote commentary about then without attempting to delve too deeply into the identity of the artists or the history of their people. They let the paintings tell the story. Written in 1970, the maps are somewhat dated. Rhodesia is now Zambia, etc. but the details are unique. Forward is by Professor Raymond A. Dart. Book is sectioned by types of drawings: animals, people, clothing, dances and ceremonies, mythology, etc.

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A hardcover edition with custard-coloured boards, brown lettering and a clipped, illustrated jacket. There is some foxing and toning throughout but the text and black and white and coloured illustrations are clear and legible. There is some rubbing, and small tearing around the edges of the dust cover.

Now in a protective plastic cover to prevent further damage.

Publisher: Purnell & Sons S.A. PTY LTD.

Publication Date: 1974.

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