A Plea for Polygamy


Printed privately in 1929 for subscribers of The Panurge Press, the 1010 copies were intended for private circulation among adult collectors of literary curiosities. Originally printed under the title of “The History and Philosophy of Marriage; or, Polygamy and Monogamy Compared”, this copy of a literary curiosity outlines and dives deeply into the history of polygamy and monogamy in relation to and under the influence of Western cultural, religious and social contexts. Unpaginated pages.

This edition being the 962nd copy printed, this a rare and unusual find.

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Hardcover, condition fair. Limited edition, #962 out of 1010 copies. Privately printed for subscribers in 1929. Octavo, 265 pages, hardback. Pages are aged with rough edges, front cover and spine worn, with rubbed edges.

Covered to prevent damage.

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