Toy Cars (Signed Copy)


By Nathan Spiteri, signed by the author.

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It was a day like any other, crystal blue sky and warm summer air, as young Nathan Spiteri walked into a change room at a familiar public swimming pool and experienced a turn of events that would alter his life forever.

In his powerful and deeply vulnerable memoir, Spiteri dives into the trauma of being brutally abused, groomed and manipulated by the actions of a vicious paedophile. It is a ”coming-of-age” story, a tour-de-force that ushers the reader into the world of abuse, addiction, sex, drugs and violence.

In words poetic, as well as raw and real, Spiteri paints a stunning masterpiece of triumph over tragedy; a powerful canvas of self-discovery, therapeutic growth and self-love. Spiteri offers a cautionary tale for all parents who are raising children; and an anthem of survival for anyone who has suffered the difficulties of youth.

In our search for a better life, Toy Cars proves that love and healing are possible.

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