The Oxford History of England in 14 volumes- Edited by G.N.Clark


The fourteenth century in England was a turbulent, complex age: two of the century’s monarchs were murdered by rivals, nearly half the population of England was wiped out by the Black Death and the Great Famine, and many more died in conflict with Scotland and in The Hundred Years War against France. During this time, the Great Schism divided the church which led to the establishment of the papacy in Avignon and an unpopular poll-tax provided the spark which ignited the Peasants’ Revolt. Yet it was also a period of developments in the parliamentary, administrative, and legal systems, and one which witnessed the development of English literature, including Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

A review of the history of 14th-century England in the light of modern scholarship. The political crises of the reigns of Edward II, Edward III, and Richard II, the Hundred Years War, and the Black Death are among the events discussed.

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A 1949 Second Edition, 14 volume hardcover set with navy blue cloth cover and gilt lettering. The cover is stained and rubbed at the edges with toning and foxing throughout but the text and diagrams are clear and legible.

Published by Clarendon Press, Oxford.

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