A conversation card game.

By Flex Mami

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Are you bored of having the same old conversations?

How was your weekend?
Do you think the generic brand is just as good as the name brand?
What’s the worst thing you’ve ever bought?
How would you dispose of a body?
  • Ok let’s officially agree to sack small talk and start getting REAL with ReFlex: a conversation card game to help you have big chats that actually matter.
  • We’re talking pop culture, those weird shower musings, cringe culture, nostalgia, intrusive thoughts, hilarious dilemmas and comedy.
  • 30 questions made in collaboration with Australian creator, comedian, presenter and author, Tanya Hennessy. Helping you have meaningful, joyful and funny conversations with literally everyone.
  • Get serious insight into who you, and the people around you, really are.
  • Great for: Birthdays. Funerals. First dates. Last dates. Dinner parties. Bottomless brunches. Waiting rooms. Bullet trains. Or just to have in your back pocket in case chats get stale.

ReFlex: Curated convo-starters for refreshing banter and real connection.

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