A conversation card game.

By Flex Mami

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Your vaccine against dull dates is here!

  • Do you have any pets? Why are people okay with eating pigs but not dogs? 
  • Looks like asparagus is on sale? Is it okay to steal from big supermarkets? 
  • Can you pass the aux? What would your funeral song be? 


We’ve joined forces with superstar comedian Lucinda ‘Froomes’ Price to bring you ReFlex: Froomes Edition! A fresh batch of 21 questions and ethical dilemmas that are as fascinating as they are fun.

These little pink party starters will inspire your hottest takes on pop culture, celebrity crushes, social media, and Britney Spears.

The perfect +1 for your next date, drinks, dinner party or wherever you want to dial up the dialogue. Guaranteed to banish boredom and beef up your banter.

ReFlex: Curated convo-starters for refreshing banter and real connection.

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