A conversation card game.

By Flex Mami

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Make your date contemplate. Get cogs turning and conversation flowing.

  • Do you have any pets? Is human dominion over animals justifiable?
  • Are you on Bumble? Is it unethical to have children?
  • What hobbies do you have? Is it human nature to create or destroy?

Brush up against the walls of the simulation we’re probably in with ReFlex: Bobo Matjila Edition! When you want to swap small talk for big picture, our first-ever ReFlex Expansion Pack has your back. This whole new set of 21 questions from philosophy queen @bobo.matjila is here to get you questioning everything (and everyone).

Pick a card, take turns answering, and get ready to explore the murky depths of the human condition at your next boozy picnic, hazy afternoon, or double date night.

Brace yourself for topics around morality, mortality, humanity, psychology, race, and capitalism. You’ll learn about yourself. You’ll learn about the people around you. It’ll be your most exhilarating existential crisis yet.

ReFlex: Curated convo-starters for refreshing banter and real connection.

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