A conversation card game.

By Flex Mami

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For those moments over dinner when you need a little something to keep the convo going.  Enter: ReFlex #2.

  • Are you seeing anyone at the moment? In what ways are you hard to date?
  • What did you do during lockdown? What did you learn too late in life?
  • My manager is being so annoying right now. Would you rather hurt or be hurt?

Thanks to our legendary party game, ReFlex #1, you’ve been burning through those burning questions. And now you’re looking for more. More questions. More answers. More chances to enhance your relationships.

ReFlex #2 is the conversation card game packed with the best questions you’ve never been asked. All designed to make opening up and getting real with your friends easy.

This fresh set of pocket-sized silence assassins is just the thing to lift those lulls, get minds moving and conversation flowing.

Pick a card, take turns answering, and level up your chat game with 46 captivating questions on topics like drugs, relationships, alcohol, love, death, and aliens.

Elevate your next day out, night in, weekend away, housewarming, or just have it on hand for a shortcut to deeper connections.

Grab this little box of banter boosters on your way out the door, wave goodbye to small talk, and get a whole new take on you and your mates.

ReFlex: Curated convo-starters for refreshing banter and real connection. 

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