Prohibited – Book 2 by Luis Royo


Printed in correlation with the Heavy Metal Magazine, Prohibited Book 2 is a seamless blending of science fiction and the erotic. Written by Luis Royo and illustrated by Romulo Royo, this collection of illustrations and prose depict in vivid, graphic imagery the artists’ fantasies, both of whom have worked as fantasy illustrators in numerous art books, magazines and other media outlets. Many of the images in this book (and the book itself) have been banned in parts of the world, making it a risqué and rare book to acquire.
Contains 3 x loose Postcards. See photos.
‘These new images spring from an obscurely ambiguous sexuality, which exists only in the mind and seems incapable of travelling below the waist…’

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Contains Nudity and drawings of a sexual content

Very good condition, almost new. Hardcover with dust jacket, third edition. Little to no damage. Includes 3 artist’s postcards, featuring illustrations from the book. Images are bright and clean & very graphic.

Covered to prevent damage.

Published by Luis Royo

3rd edition Published by Heavy Metal

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