Mega Monster


By David Walliams

For ages 7+ years old. 

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Get ready for the most MONSTROUS Summer EVER!

Megamonster is an action-packed page-turning adventure, set on an island in the middle of shark-infested waters – where the Cruel School stands on top of a dormant volcano. The lessons are appalling, the school dinners are revolting and the teachers are terrifying – especially the mysterious Science teacher, Doctor Doktur. When Larker is sent to the school for pulling a prank, she quickly realises something very odd is going on . . . something involving Doctor Doktur, a pair of strange spectacles and a ‘Monsterfication Machine’. And ultimately she finds herself face to face with a real life Megamonster. There seems to be no escape – but for Larker nothing is impossible . . .

David Walliams said “My son came up with the title for me. We kept talking about how great it would be if there was a giant monster made up of all different monsters. I thought this was a wonderful starting point for a story.”

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