Little Pago by Lauren Briggs (Signed Copy)


Lauren Briggs

Lauren Briggs is a graphic designer, illustrator and mother of four children. She specialises in etching and print-making, and Stories for Simon is her first book. Little Pago is her second book.

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Little Pago is an energetic and playful baby loggerhead turtle living in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

Against a magical background of coral flowers and seaweed gardens, Little Pago and his friends set out on an adventurous journey in search for food. However, not everything floating in the ocean is safe for a baby turtle to eat. A balloon, straw and plastic bag are easily mistaken for some of Little Pago’s favourite food.

Little Pago is a mascot for the welfare of all Australian sea turtles and shines a light on one of the critical threats that face sea turtles, plastic waste in our ocean. It encourages readers to challenge the way we live, so that collectively we can work towards preventing these majestic sea creatures becoming extinct.

We all know that education is the precursor to change. Together, let’s turn the tide on Australian sea turtle extinction and plastic pollution by providing children with a meaningful and valuable narrative to live a life with purpose!

The internal pages of this book are printed on FSC certified 100% recycled paper.
A donation will be made to Take 3 for the Sea on the sale of each book

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