By Deborah Feldman

‘Captivating, entertaining, and informative.’ Kirkus Reviews

‘Undeniably and explicitly Jewish, but . . . readers from all walks of life will be able to identify.’ Booklist

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The author of the explosive New York Times bestselling memoir Unorthodox chronicles her continuing journey as a single mother, an independent woman, and a religious refugee. In 2009, at the age of twenty-three, Deborah Feldman walked away from the rampant oppression, abuse, and isolation of her Satmar upbringing in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to forge a better life for herself and her young son.

Since leaving, Feldman has navigated remarkable experiences- raising her son in the ‘real’ world, finding solace and solitude in a writing career, and searching for love. Culminating in an unforgettable trip across Europe to retrace her grandmother’s life during the Holocaust, Exodus is a deeply moving exploration of the mysterious bonds that tie us to family and religion, the bonds we must sometimes break to find our true selves.

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