Bibliotherapy Session (In-store)


The IN-STORE Bibliotherapy Session.


Our Bibliotherapist service was created to cure readers of their literary ailments during both quarantine and self-isolation, the service is designed for anyone looking to escape into the pages of a book and is unsure what to read next.

Through a discussion about books, our bookseller(s) (your Bibliotherapist), will find the perfect book for each person; whether it be a classic tome, contemporary novel or inspiring memoir, and they will go on to offer a bespoke prescription for each person to inspire, entertain and even help those feeling anxious at this time.

Our Bibliotherapist service is a personal book recommendation consultation. Customers will have the opportunity to experience Gertrude & Alice after hours with their book Doctor, to discover more about their bookish tastes. You will be able to chat over a glass of wine or cup of tea, and nibbles, as you roam inside the beating heart of a Bondi bookstore. It’s a bit like a night at the museum. We will then hand-pick some books of which you will be able to then select your favourites to take home and enjoy alongside one of Gertrude & Alice’s famous sweet treats.

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