Aboriginal Dispute Resolution by Larissa Behrendt (Signed By Author)


Larissa Behrendt argues for radical change in the system of resolving land disputes involving Aboriginal Australians. Writing from an Aboriginal perspective, she focuses on the law’s history as oppressor of the Aboriginals: its role as the instrument by which Aboriginals were dispossessed of their land; by which their laws and culture were overridden; and by which they are still disproportionately imprisoned. She points out the entrenched barriers to Aboriginal acceptance that they will get justice from the court system. She is sceptical of modern alternative dispute resolution arbitration, mediation, etc as the answer; the power imbalance, central to the perception of injustice, remains fundamentally unaltered. Behrendt proposes radical change. Land disputes involving Aboriginals, whomever with, should be resolved by Elders on Aboriginal land using traditional Aboriginal methods. Giving worked examples of this system in operation, she demonstrates how the current power imbalance would be undermined. The result? By empowering the Aboriginal peoples, the basis for a genuine and lasting reconciliation is created.


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Scarce Edition.

Signed by the author, soft cover edition with illustrated cover. There is some foxing and toning and slight rubbing to the edges but the text is clear and legible.

Published in 1995 by The Federation Press, Australia.

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